Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Christian nation? ...

The stake-out was almost comical in its absurdity: On April 4, 2007, undercover police counted how many times Eric Montanez, a 22-year-old volunteer with Food Not Bombs, dipped a serving ladle into a pot and handed stew to hungry people.

Once Montanez had dished up 30 bowls, the police moved in, collecting a vial of the stew for evidence as they arrested him for violating an Orlando, Fla., city ordinance: feeding a large group. Two days into his trial yesterday, Montanez was acquitted by a jury of the misdemeanor charge, but was cautioned to obey the law.
The judge said 'obey the law.' It appears from the article that he said nothing about the law being immoral. The police chief that will continue to arrest people for feeding the the needy is Michael J. McCoy, Orlando, Florida Police.

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