Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Destruction on the move ...

Using the desire to commit more destruction in the middle east, beyond the already decimated Iraq, as a reason to despoil our own nest here at home ...
Eminent domain’s poster children -- Ranchers fight a military proposal to expand training ground in southeastern Colorado by Eryn Gable

Yuma Proving Ground exploring expansion --Impact on desert uncertain if Army approves proposal by Corinne Purtill
Some familiar with the area said they are wary of the expansion.

Ron Kearns was a wildlife biologist for 25 years at Kofa National Wildlife Refuge, which is adjacent to the proving ground. In September 2005, munitions on the proving ground started the King Fire, which burned 26,000 acres of Kofa and 3,000 acres of the proving ground. Kofa staff also found spent rounds in the refuge, Kearns said.

"If they get that expansion, they're going to be burning up the desert," said Kearns, who is now retired. "It just seems like a bad idea all the way around."
The people of the US, after all we've done to destroy Iraq, may not have some special right above all other people on this earth, to keep what's ours intact but we do have a moral obligation to stop the slaughter and make what restitution we can (not that we can bring back the lives we've taken). If the people of this country can see our way to stop destroying other countries, then maybe we will also have the power to stop the steady destruction of our own.

Not much hope in this is there?

Something that always confused me was the concept of Christ dying for our sins. What was the point. Since everyone kept on sinning and often those who claim to represent Christ the most have sinned the most. That it's a very humanly conceived racket is the only conclusion that I've come to. Sin, get forgiven, sin some more. And those who control the forgiveness market live in luxury. So unChrist like one would think.

Assuming the God fearing multitude considers fouling our own 'god-given' nest a sin and then once we've sinned to the point that we've completely fouled this nest, the earth, what good will that forgiveness do us? Ah, the 100 virgins (male virgins too?) or heaven, a place where even the lowest rung of heaven will surpass our wildest dreams. Yea really? Well, if that's the case why not just end it now. And here comes the clincher. Suicide would void the warranty! Ha! Hilarious!

But we are committing suicide. Fouled air, fouled water, melting ice caps, rising oceans, increasing extremes in temperature, food production problem increasing, perpetual war and destruction, and on and on. Will your God notice (this kind of suicide) and void that warranty?

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