Friday, June 19, 2009

What will Obama do ...

Digby writes:
Fixing the health care system is the first real test of whether or not the Democratic Party understands the new political era in which it's governing. The next couple of months will tell the tale.
What will Harry Reid do ...What will Nancy Pelosi do ...What will Obama do ...

I think they will implement what the modern day Robber Barons want; that they will fail the people and fail the Democratic Party and end the Democratic Party's resurgence. Using past Democratic legislation as a model the bills they pass will be worse than what the Republicans would have been able to pass were the majorities reversed. The Democrats continually give everything away BEFORE they even begin to negotiate. Or rather Democrats make a habit of reassuring moronic media hacks that they are not really, you know, liberal or very much of a Democrat and continually whittle down into uselessness, or worse, any contentious proposal before they even begin study or negotiations on the legislation. They do this again and again and over again.

Nancy Pelosi I can't figure out. She appears powerless. Harry Reid is a nonentity and it says a lot about the Democrats in the Senate that they placed this zero in 'charge.' Obama? Obama appears to be a liar. Where George Bush was a stupid liar, Barack Obama is an intelligent liar. But a liar is still a liar. And nothing, absolutely nothing, a liar says can be depended upon nor trusted.

Please, please prove me wrong ...

Today's QUOTES:

The question is why Democrats are inviting [GOP messaging expert,Frank Luntz] to advise them on how to use his patented fraudulent conservative propaganda and methods? You wouldn't be crazy to wonder if they may just share his goals. -- Sleeping With The Enemy by digby, Hullabaloo

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