Thursday, June 18, 2009

Really, is there anything Obama wants to 'deal' with? ...

Stephen Lemons as the Feathered Bastard writes about the Obama Administrations failure to address the injustices heaped on the hispanic community here in Arizona:

Sensing that my Latino comrades were getting the runaround, I gave Phoenix civil rights leader Salvador Reza a ring to ask him what he thought of this latest disappointment from the Obama administration.

"They want to take away any expectations we have," Reza explained. "They're sending the message to us that they're not ready to move on immigration, and to the right-wing that they're listening to their concerns. In the meantime, the repression continues, and they don't want to deal with it."

What exactly does Obama want to deal with? He started his tenure signing a few promising statements. Next he began hiding information about Bush and Cheney actions, legal or illegal. Then he began defending Bush/Cheney era authoritarian measures in court. Then he asked Congress to legalize anything that Bush/Cheney did that was still considered illegal. All because he wants those powers himself or he wants to look forward, not backward, or something. And this is the man who had the gall to run on open government. Oh and all the while he was helping shovel money into Wall Street coffers while letting the populace know we could expect some belt tightening. Now it's foreign banks that must have our money. And health care? I suppose he'll come up with enough energy to give the insurance companies whatever they want ...

Is there any group of supporters that he hasn't betrayed so far? The only people I can see that he's catered to are Republicans and they will continue to attack and defy him no matter how close he comes to supporting everything they want just because he's a Democrat.

And yet, we still have his addle brained followers telling us to wait, wait, we can't see his hold cards yet!

And Congress! OUR Democratic Congress is doing absolutely everything they possible can to ensure that they will loose their Democratic majority. Not that it matters given their 'accomplishments' so far.

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