Thursday, June 4, 2009

Does Obama really care about health care? ...

Read this post: The Way Health Care Can Die by dday

It's my opinion that Obama will undermine anything that the monied interests don't want. And the only thing the monied interests in this country want is increasing wealth and power for themselves. While Obama will continue to verbalize beautiful thoughts he has shown little interest in fighting any battles that may reduce the profits of the Robber Baron bankers, the Robber Baron insurance industry, the Robber Baron military/industrial complex.

In general, the Obama followers sound a lot like the Bush followers. Things that were evil when BushCo did them are now a-OK just because it's Obama. The more 'balanced' progressively leaning blogs, while not silent on Obama's walk down the Bush road, are specially circumspect and third-personish in their analysis of where Obama is taking us.

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