Monday, June 8, 2009

The most accurate graphic depiction of Health Insurance and Drug companies I've ever seen is ...

... here.

Today's QUOTES:

Once the RNC figured out that Obama, like almost every other prominent Democrat, could be mau-maued into apologizing over an issue that didn't rate an apology, ... -- All Apologies by Phoenix Wmoan,

... [Billo's] arrogance is so simultaneously cloying and macho that his act seems like some kind of retro, angry white man, drag queen performance art. ... -- by digby, Hullabaloo

... Somehow, the "Sweet Land" of liberty is plagued by murderous fears that one's freedom depends upon the death, exile or enslavement of some other. ... -- Before the Mountains: Sotomayor and Sitting Bull in America by Glenn W. Smith,

In all the navel gazing about the future of journalism, it seems to me that one of the most important is consideration of the cracking of the insider culture. The media's failures of the past decade can be at least partially explained by its insular nature and class based identification with those they cover. ... [...] ... the fact is that American journalism is in crisis. They can pretend it's all about the financial model and parasite bloggers or whatever other excuse they can come up with. But one of the reasons is a catastrophic loss of credibility because they are consistently either missing the most important stories of our time or helping the powerful manipulate them. ... -- Covering Your BFF by digby, Hullabaloo

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