Friday, April 24, 2009

Well, we're all ignorant about something, but ...

... this guy appears to make a career out of it.
"Dry toilets are essentially outhouses brought indoors." Michael Fumento

"Yes, parts of the underdeveloped world have severe water shortages but have you been to Arizona lately? Word has it they have some mighty fine flush toilets there." Michael Fumento

"Further, while water is a natural resource it's not something that you can actually use up like ore or fossil fuels. Water always remains water; reusing it is just a matter of cleaning it." Michael Fumento

The Battle over Toilets for All by Michael Fumento, Scripps Howard News Service, January 15, 2004, Copyright 2004 Scripps Howard, Inc.
He writes books too! The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS is one. But what's really impressive: "He co-authored [a] monograph with Michelle Malkin, entitled Rachel's Folly: The End of Chlorine ..."

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