Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rahm Emanuel believes in obstruction of justice ...

... and is at least amenable to torturing people. Else why would he not only tell

[ ] George Stephanopoulos of ABC's This Week that no field officers should be prosecuted over breaking the law when it comes to torturing prisoners, but [take] it a step beyond and [proclaim] that even the lowlife John Yoos and Jay Bybees shouldn't face any consequences for their actions.

Rahm Emanuel should be fired.

Releasing the latest torture memos was the right thing for Obama to do. It was a relief that he finally made that decision. But it's not enough. Obama's look forward spiel applies to some of the worst crimes that US government officials have ever committed. What Obama is saying is there will be no laws that those running the government can't break (specially if they are Republican). Even if Obama's administration keeps its word and does not torture Obama has made the decision to leave torture available to future administrations. I do not believe that Obama doesn't understand this.

First Obama should get all those who supported or participated in torture out of the government. Second, he should support the appointment of a special prosecutor to look into what crimes have been committed and pursue prosecution of those involved starting at the top.

It's very disappointing that Obama is keeping torture on the table for the US. Disappointing, humiliating, stupid ...

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