Monday, April 27, 2009

Republican careerism ...

Krugman writes:
... Careerism is what held the party together; an environment in which the party no longer has the patronage to reward all its loyalists, and may not even be able to protect apparatchiks who broke the law, destroys the whole system.
Well, Obama appears more than ready to help them out.

Today's QUOTES:

The trick is to make corporate sponsored nationalism seem like patriotism.
--Mass Murder Plots and Tea by Larisa Alexandrovna, at-Largely

This is a crucial and oft-overlooked fact in the debate over whether we should investigate and prosecute Bush crimes. The very same pundits and establishment journalists who today are demanding that we forget all about it, not look back, not hold anyone accountable, are the very same people who -- like Broder -- played key roles in hiding, enabling and defending these crimes. ...
--David Broder and media culpability for Bush crimes by Glenn Greenwald,

We can, of course, torture and claim to live in a democracy, like the former Soviet Union claimed to be a Republic. ...
--Torture and the United States of Alyssa Peterson by Glenn W. Smith,

If Team Obama will give torturers a free pass (a very small group that has nevertheless done tremendous damage to America's standing in the world), there is absolutely no way it has any appetite for exposing the massive fraud in the financial system. Obama does not do conflict, and his "Let's not dwell on the past" is tantamount to appeasement of the oligarchs and coddling of the worst practices of the Bush regime.
--On Pelosi's Duplicity and Apparent Sandbagging of Elizabeth Warren by Yves Smith, naked capitalism

... No faith worth its name requires someone to check their brain at the door, or absolves an individual of responsibility for their actions and beliefs.
--Atheism's Now Fit To Print by tristero, Hullabaloo

So Bobby Jindal makes fun of “volcano monitoring”, and soon afterwards Mt. Redoubt erupts. Susan Collins makes sure that funds for pandemic protection are stripped from the stimulus bill, and the swine quickly attack.

What else did the right oppose recently? I just want enough information to take cover.

--Masters of disaster by Paul Krugman, NY Times

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