Friday, April 3, 2009

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Republican ...

Update below.

Giffords may have run as a Democrat [AZ-8], however she's as irresponsible and obtuse as a Republican. Another DINO in wall street's pocket.
Democrats Who Joined with Republicans to Pass Bean Amendment on TARP Bonuses
Amazing how much better Ed Pastor looks after Giffords joined the 'democrats' in Congress.

Not to leave the only other Democrat from Arizona in Congress out of this post: Raul Grijalva appears to be the genuine article to me ... a competent Congressman who actually works at his job. I use the word 'appears' because politics is such a disappointing arena, given to much deceipt and corruption and the Americans we have hired for Congress have, on the whole, been mean, little, corrupt people. And we have left them there even after the worst has become obvious. We Americans have not done a very good job in selecting and monitoring our representatives. These people still nominally work for us and are actually quite afraid that we may use our power at the ballot box. Until then, they may be as corrupt at they wish. Still I don't think Grijalva is one of the bad guys ...
UPDATE -----
Ooops. I completely forgot about Rep. Mitchell, Harry [D AZ-5]
And then there's Rep. Kirkpatrick, Ann [D AZ-1] who replaced Renzi when I wasn't looking.
Arizona’s Representatives - Congressional District Maps

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