Thursday, April 30, 2009

First confirmed case of swine flu in Arizona ...

The Tucson Citizen reports the first confirmed Arizona case of swine flu. The eight year old Phoenix boy has already recovered.
... England said it appears that this flu is no more virulent than other types. He said the boy recovered and had returned to school before the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed he had swine flu.

Don't know how Dr. Bob England, Maricopa County's health director, made that judgement from one Arizona case, but perhaps he's psychic.

Nevertheless, the boy's elementary school was closed.

New York, Texas, California, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Indiana, Nevada, Ohio and Maine also have verified cases of swine flu.

According to this article:

Health officials said people should treat the swine flu strain like any other flu - contact your personal doctor, and stay home and cover sneezes and coughs to avoid spreading the virus. Patients should seek additional medical help if fever persists or spikes, breathing is difficult or other severe symptoms develop.

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