Sunday, April 19, 2009

The media and show business' plasticised dolls, both male and female, pronounce Susan Boyle ugly ...

I guess I didn't get the message soon enough. I watched the clip of Susan Boyle because someone said her singing was powerful. And it was.

But the clip itself was not fun to watch.

The three plasticised people who behave as schoolyard bullies in the beginning of the clip did not redeem themselves at the end. They just showed themselves for what they are.

For years I favored BBC TV productions over US TV because the actors looked more like normal human beings than the plastic dolls, molded and modified to fit someone's ideal of human fakery, who became the norm in US productions. However, with time, American 'values,' invaded the BBC as well.

Susan Boyle is not ugly. With or without her talent, Susan Boyle is not ugly.

And if she had really been ugly to everyone in the world it shouldn't have mattered. Why was it OK to cruelly mock a contestant because she wasn't young and skinny enough for them? And if her performance had not been so good, what would they have done then?

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