Friday, September 28, 2007

Yesterday's QUOTES ...

Instead of being RUBBERSTAMP Democrats ... Force them [the Republicans] to sit there with that filibuster for days. No need for Democrats to speak. Leave the GOP obstructionism front and center. For days.

Let's see if they really have it in them to obstruct change in Iraq if the spotlight is truly on them.

Krushchev and Ahmadinejad; that was then, this is now ... In the post Cold War-era, it’s easy to forget the context, but the USSR was the most dangerous rival the United States had ever seen. And we welcomed Khrushchev with open arms, anxious to show him and the world our greatness. ... during the Cold War we had bomb shelters and practiced hiding under our desks in school, but the US did not wet its pants daily on TV.
Timing is everything ... Where in the hell was George Casey last week when his soldiers needed him to stand up for them? Was he having a lunch with Colin Powell where they discussed the merits of being in a position of leadership without really having the stomach—or, fortitude—to exhibit real, actual leadership? Because, like Powell—who failed to protect his soldiers in 2003 by standing up to the Bush administration—Casey failed the men and women under his command last week. Instead of rocking the boat by challenging the Bush administration and its Republican lackeys in the Senate, Casey chose to remain silent. ... ... and the military 'leaders' masochistically march for the Republicans, and not the country ... until they retire, that is.

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