Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Weeds ...

I'm watching Weeds (via netflix). What an enticing modern day fairy tale. I'm just starting the second season. Who knows it may just turn into a soap opera after this, which happens to so many long running shows, but so far it has more human peccadilloes and crimes and tragedies (somewhat like the convoluted writings of Shakespeare) than I would ever believe possible rolled into each episode and it's still [or because of this] hilariously funny.

Though I have enjoyed such shows as Firefly, the new Dr. Who and the original Stargate (TV show, not the movie), I have not seen anything this good from TV in a long time. I think the quality compares with the British Cold War spy drama Sandbaggers (don't expect anything funny from this one). Though photography is not one of Sandbaggers strong points, compelling drama is. And that includes a real life drama where the show's creator disappeared in a small plane toward the end of the show's run, or rather the show ended because the main creator rather mysteriously disappeared.

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