Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Oh, really ...

For an article with no substance but many detail-empty quotes read: McClatchy's Bush's pick for attorney general garners widespread support by Marisa Taylor

It couldn't be that Marisa Taylor was primarily looking for those supporting Mukasey? Or does she define tepid opinions such as 'nothing can be as bad as Gonzo' as support for Mukasey?

Notice those few oblique references to Mukasey's rulings and opinion that don't quite give any worthwhile information.

Which actions were those that demonstrated Mukasey's "independence and a willingness to stand up to this administration."

Why do we have this ridiculous spectacle. Bush doesn't want and will not get someone who is 'independent.' And should the inconceivable happen and Mukasey actually does have some integrity and independence then BushCo will destroy him. But what kind of integrity (or independence) does a ruling that an American citizen can be imprisoned forever without trial suggest?

Independence is it? 'Conservative Organization' get first crack at finding out:
A senior administration official, who spoke on condition of anonymity as a matter of policy, said Mukasey met individually with six representatives from conservative organizations on Sunday in an effort to answer their questions.
What's a little issue of perpetual imprisonment at the hands of the president ...
"He's perceived as a lawyer's lawyer — someone who is smart and fair," said Sale, who worked alongside Mukasey as an assistant U.S. attorney in New York. "People will have to really strain to find anything negative about him."
Right, negatives are only for Democrats anyway.

Imagine, this McClatchy reporter, Marisa Taylor, managed to find someone who isn't 'falling all over' themselves to praise Michael Mukasey:
"I see somebody who falls over himself to justify some of the worst practices that the administration has carried out," Kadidal said.

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