Saturday, July 11, 2009

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Today's QUOTES:
I don't understand the mentality that dictates that these groups must continue supporting a politician once he's given them lies, lies and more lies. Oh, I forgot about the champaign (and the money). Political organizations (and non-profits) become self perpetuating and entrenched just like large corporations and large media. In other words they become, or rather join, the problem. And at this moment in time, Obama has become a problem and not a conduit for improvement or change of any kind. --gail
MoveOn has been running strong ads in Louisiana against Mary Landrieu, who -- as Chris Bowers notes -- is against anything resembling a public plan.

Obama wants them to stop: [...]

These groups have acted as firewalls to shield Obama from liberal critique. As the traditional institutional liberal validators and stakeholders, their silence on a variety of issues -- from financial regulation to the escallation of the war in Afghanistan to energy and beyond -- have acted as insullation for the administration as it breaks one campaign promise after the other. We saw it last week with the hastily arranged cocktail party for LGBT leaders last week -- the way Obama mutes liberal criticism is by reaching out to those at the top and rewarding them personally with access.

But it's clear that on the issue of health care, they can't have it both ways any more. And everyone is going to be watching to see what happens. -- Will MoveOn Cave To Obama’s Pressure? by Jane Hamsher,

... American education has deteriorated inversely with the rise of right wing politics! An example is 'Texas' and every child that Bush left behind. Texas beats out Mississippi for DEAD LAST in high school graduations at the same time that it LEADS the nation in executions due to the state's extremely high crime rate! -- Texas: The Gulag Wasteland Bush Left Behind by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowbow
Wish I'd written this.
We would call a doctor an idiot who tells you to just keep on doing whatever it is that's making you sick. Yet the GOP does that repeatedly, mistaking the illness for the cure and making it worse with greed and incompetence. Confronted with rising crime and swelling prisons, the GOP will propose even newer programs guaranteed to raise crime rates even as they enrich cronies which privatized prison systems, privatized Blackwater storm-troopers, a robotized surveillance system. -- Texas: The Gulag Wasteland Bush Left Behind by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowbow

But the Democrats and the Press cooperate and even conspire with the Republicans. Does that make them the same or worse? -- gail

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