Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Obama and health care ...

Apparently, according to Gibbs at the July 27 White House Press Briefing, Obama has an 80% agreement on everything but actual healthcare for the citizens of the United States. After all this is no longer a country of citizens, but a country of large corporate enterprises who's longterm self defeating goal is to gather all wealth and power unto themselves and let the serfs just fend for themselves.

Q I'll take it. What is the 80-percent agreement that the President reached where -- narrowly getting the bill passed.

MR. GIBBS: Well, I think there's broad agreement that the bill shouldn't add to the deficit. I think there's broad agreement that we have to increase access. I think there's broad agreement that we have the do something in both the short term and in the long term, meaning inside and outside a 10-year budget window, to cut costs. I think there's broad agreement on insurance reforms, that we can't let insurance companies continue to discriminate against individuals that are very sick or have a preexisting condition. And I think there's some agreement on things like limiting out-of-pocket expenses for individuals.

Notice how deficits are OK on everything except services for the people. After all services for the people of the country, which are paid by the people of the country by the way, become entitlements --such a dirty word-- and what's really needed is the freedom to mainline all the country's (the people's) wealth into the coffers of GoldmanSachs because... well, because... what other reason do you need. Obama behaves as if it's obvious to him so it must be obvious to everyone else, at least everyone else of consequence.

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