Friday, July 24, 2009

The Prez and Rancid Reid, not to mention Pointless Pelosi ...

Either Barack Obama is only faking it about Health Care for all Americans or Rancid Reid is Obama's enemy. Either-or or both are very definite possibilities. Can you name any populist strategy that Obama has carried through?
Harry Reid wimps on Health Care
The Democrats plan to shoot themselves in the foot by failing to provide honest healthcare for all Americans. Even after all these years I'm still amazed at how blind and stupid Democrats can be. The Republicans are shouting in their faces --as well as all over the media-- about how much they want Obama, and thus Dems in general, to self destruct and yet Democrats regurgitate the Republican's --and the medias-- crap on virtually everything. Letting one's avowed enemy lead one by the nose is shortsighted at a minimum. In this case it is utterly insane, but every indication is that they intend, through the 'leadership' of Rancid Reid and Pointless Pelosi, to do so. Good Luck in the 2010 Dems. The Thugs have you boxed and it's your own doing.

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