Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wouldn't it be wonderful ...

Hope this is accurate and true and that the prez is really working for real health care for the people and not just an increase in entitlements for big business (in this case the health insurance death industry): Obama About To Win On Health Care Reform by Steve

Steve is not always right, but he is insightful and always worth reading.
Added/9:20 pm
Yeah, yeah. Just keep telling me that Obama is really on our side and is going to get the people real health care in spite of his BlueDog buddies, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Won't ... believe ... it ... 'til ... I ... see ... it.
... the White House and the Democratic leadership got worried, and started twisting arms to make sure these progressives acquiesced to the demands of the Blue Dog Democrats ...
Those progressives just can't be allowed to worry the blue curs. That just ain't the proper order of things.

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