Saturday, July 4, 2009

Yesterdays' quotes ...

Today's QUOTES:

Ah yes, America is so "exceptional" and free that it takes us decades to do common sense things that other countries do all at once. And even then it's two steps forward one step back a good part of the time. -- How It Happens by digby, Hullubaloo

I am an American, it is my RIGHT to die on the curb outside of the hospital WITHOUT being disturbed.

It is my right!

Unless of course I am darkly complected in which event I may be arrested for SOMETHING first. Or maybe shot.

I’m reminded how ordinary things seemed in the very civilized, pretty Berlin in the 1930’s, the clean parks, brilliant operas, stately museums and orchestras. Seasons passed so normally as one year the books burned, the next year more Jews were hounded and gone. Total political failure seemed so ordinary, plain and slow, with much of everything else appearing exactly the same.

Is that what where going through now, watching some insane Republican rant global warming is a hoax while Arnie the Hoover god smashes California? I don’t know, of course not. It’s extremely upsetting and terrible for the country the question has to be asked at all. -- Failed States by paradox, The Left Coaster

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