Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sleeveless dresses and, oh my god, bare arms ...

Elegant Jacqueline Kennedy wore sleeveless dresses frequently. I don't remember all the personal attacks about appropriateness and motivation.

Tall, statuesque and elegant Michelle Obama looks good in her sleeveless outfits.

There is no culture of hiding arms here in the US. To even suggest, as at least one cretin with access to the media loudspeaker has done, that Michelle Obama should not wear sleeveless dresses because someone in the world might be offended is ludicrousness magnified by trillions.

Can't we do anything about the insipid, trivializing, brain-damaging media in this country?

Another woman whose body is considered fair game by the media loudspeaker is Meghan McCain. Paradox discusses Laura Ingraham's regression to pre-teen years in Inexcusable

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