Saturday, March 21, 2009

Business as usual ...

Holder, Pelosi etc. They apparently are only concerned about corporations making money. They have no concept of breaking up news and editorial control already in the hands of too few as a means of addressing the propaganda as news that is presented to Americans by the media monopolies we are already blessed with.

Their solution? Bigger monopolies.
U.S. law chief open to antitrust aid for newspapers
Yah, save the newspapers but not the news. Why not just one Orwellian Republican governmental propaganda source. We don't have far to go as it is. Oh, that's right, the profit must be in the private hands of a few.

These people can't compete so they must be protected by law. And the rest of us must compete for their leavings. If they need more money then we must give up SS. If they are not making exponentially increasing profit then how could we possibly think we should have national health care. It they are not happy with the magnitude of their wealth as compared to the rest of us then we should expect pay cuts and job reductions.

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