Monday, March 23, 2009

It's the 'Democrat' that's at issue ...

The GOP media machine openly questioned whether it was appropriate for President Barack Obama to travel to Los Angeles this week, when his "business" should be on the economy, the implication being that Obama was not capable of multi-tasking.
This is what Democrats get from Republicans. Democrats do this to Republicans also but Democrats don't have the same access or control of the media loudspeaker that the Republicans usually have. This overwhelming Republican access only breaks down on occasion (such as when McCain and his pard' became scarier than even a Democrat to the rich and malign).

The media loudspeaker not only amplifies and shotguns GOP trivia around the country, but it also diffuses, attacks or ignores any Democratic trivia in the same process. So either Democrats are not as skilled in this practice and/or they don't have the same media access (which they don't) and/or they know the media may cause it to blow up in their faces so they hold back. In the end some/most of them start talking like moronic Republicans for a few pats of approval from the infection that is the media in the United States.

With an overwhelming Republican media (which Pelosi and Holder propose to make even more entrenched, if that is possible) we get trivia and tripe shouted at us 24/7. With a death grip on the public megaphone, the Republicans and their servants in the media question whether the President should go to California, whether his wife should have a garden, whether the President should send a New Year message of hope to the Iranians, whether his wife should wear sleeveless dresses and on and on.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

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