Monday, March 9, 2009

The Catholic Church's anti-woman skirt is showing ... again!

To the Catholic Church raping a girl is something to be frowned on, and possibly punished (unless of course the rape was performed by a priest, in which case a transfer and silence may be the most likely result).

But should a nine year old girl abort a pregnancy that resulted from a rape, a pregnancy that may very well kill her, well that is really, really, really evil and the Catholic Church must show its displeasure and GOD's WILL by excomunicating the cretins who allowed this abortion to happen.

The Catholic GOD can forgive the rape of children (as not a few priests themselves have been known to indulge themselves in these activities) but not an abortion by the raped child (after all priests, who are only men, cannot have abortions as they are incapable of becoming pregnant so they are safe from ever wanting or needing an abortion themselves).

I suppose that that means that the Catholic GOD has plans for rapes, rapists and any resulting pregnancies caused thereby. But plans and compassion for the victims of these rapes does not enter into the Catholic GOD's thinking? Otherwise why would the Catholic God show more mercy and understanding to the rapist than the victim? Could it be because only men represent the Catholic GOD? Very narrow minded men, at that.

(Link: Hullabaloo)

Today's QUOTES:

... Real justice doesn’t allow someone with vast resources to ‘freely’ use them while the opposition has no such resources. Any judge that pretends they are administering justice in such an unequal match is a fraud. A real justice system would make certain that the resources brought to bear in legal cases were the same.
--Real Freedom is Dependent on Equality by Anthony McCarthy, ECHIDNE OF THE SNAKES

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