Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Yesterday's QUOTES ...

People like Al Gore and Chris Dodd and Martin Luther King are out of fashion these days. People laugh at passionate men of principle in this time when principles are considered something for chumps and fools. There's no angle on principle, no immediate political upside in saving the constitution when the Republicans are spending every minute of the day preaching fear and bloodlust and superficial political gossip rules our discourse. But they stand up anyway and suffer the taunts and jeers of people who think they are naive or narcissistic or crazy, because they believe in something. And I am exceedingly grateful for it.
Honestly, I wasn't looking for quotes about Bank of America ...
I just cancelled my BOA card and we are refinancing through a local loan shark. His rates are MUCH BETTER THAN BOA. ... Check out B of A's special 1 hour offer to increase their debt and interest rate while pretending to help them! If B of A performed as stated in this complaint then they can no longer be considered a 'bank' but must be considered another scam artist, albeit one with considerable power and political connections.

Bank of America in this state said the only way they could help us was if we opened new accounts.

So we did.

At another bank.

Conservatism, like liberalism, is not a dogmatic philosophy, but rather a style of thought, an approach to politics or life in general. It stresses the status quo and traditional values, and is typified by a resistance to change. ...

The "conservative movement," however, is a decidedly dogmatic political movement that demands obeisance to its main tenets (and exiles those who dissent) and a distinctly defined agenda. Movement followers proudly announce their membership. ... their raison d'etre has transformed from the extenuation of their "conservative" impulses into the Machiavellian acquisition of power, usually through any means necessary.

At Guantanamo Bay there is no law. ... COMING SOON to all 50 states.

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