Saturday, December 1, 2007

Prohibition: lesson not learned ...

The U.S. failed to learn anything from prohibition and proceeded to declare a WAR ON DRUGS. Also, there appear to be many in the US who seem to like a continual state of war, any war, anywhere, of any kind.
'the stash house next door'
... as Ms. Gargulinski pointed out, with Tucson becoming a major drop-off point for Mexican drug cartels, many of which are now allied with Colombian drug runners, law-abiding citizens who have lived in the same neighborhood for decades may face a danger they aren't ready to handle.

You can study for your concealed-carry permit and train to use your .45 automatic Colt pistol, but if the drug dealers wrongly hit your front door instead of the correct one - out of the 85 identical floor plans in your subdivision - they may be armed with the same guns and grenades as the Israeli army. What is worse, they are prepared to pull the trigger.

You aren't. Neither am I. I have guns enough to withstand a rampaging herd of buffalo, maybe even fight off a gang of cattle rustlers, but if a carload of Colombians - their heads full of meth and their AR-15s full of armor-piercing ammo - kicks in my front door because their computer software got my address mixed up with the house next door, which is six miles away, I'm toast.
How many in the U.S. understand that we created this mess our very selves? AND we keep it going. For this war, we sacrifice lives and expend countless dollars and destroy futures and destabilize countries.

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