Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Really? ...

The Tucson Citizen copies a USA Today article: Police brutality cases rising --Officials worry relaxed hiring, promotion policies are to blame

They report that federal prosecutors "are targeting a rising number of law enforcement officers for alleged brutality, Justice Department statistics show."

So do Justice Dept stats show that law enforcement officers are being targeted or that the brutality of law enforcement is rising? And who would trust the Bush US Justice Dept to care or any stats coming out of this administration?

After the Bush Federal Government led the way in demonstrating how brutality is really done they now 'are worried' about an increase in police brutality? Don't think so.
Federal records showed the vast majority of police brutality cases referred by investigators are not prosecuted.

[...] The increasing Justice numbers generally correspond to a USA TODAY analysis of federal law enforcement prosecutions using data compiled by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University.

Those data show 42 law enforcement prosecutions during the first 10 months of fiscal 2007, up 66 percent from all of fiscal 2002 and a 61 percent increase from a decade ago.
I'm sure it's a mistake that some areas of the government continue to operate for a while. After all Bush couldn't destroy everything at once. And while these few prosecution continue and are recorded it's best to blame "reduced standards, training and promotion of less-experienced officers."

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