Saturday, March 17, 2007

Tucson Citizen 'home invader' blurb is clear as mud ...

Is the sketchiness, disorganization and confusion of articles like this one the fault of the news transcribers paper or the police.

Seems there was another 'home invasion' in Tucson on Friday, this time at an apartment on West Limberlost.

The purpose of the 'invasion' is unstated. Robbery? Drugs?

The invasion was committed by four people -three men and a women- if one takes the following sentence:
Two of the suspects, a man and the woman, were arrested at St. Mary's while one man got away, Hopffer said.
and the report that one man was shot and in the hospital.

As an aside we learn that the University Medical Center has 'a higher level of care' than St. Mary's as that is the reason given by a St. Mary's spokesperson for the transfer. Not the kind of statement one expects a 'spokesperson' to say about their own facility.

What happened at the apartment where we may assume the invasion, and probably the shooting, took place is a mystery. The police caught up with the suspected 'perpetrators' of this deed, whatever it was, at St. Mary's Hospital. A chase and a 'lockdown' for approximately an hour and a half reportedly ensued. Could that be the reason St. Mary's wanted to get rid of this particular patient?

The Tucson Citizen: Home invader shot by tenant by Ryn Gargulinski and Sheryl Kornman

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