Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The characterless Obama organization ...

Notice that in the following e-mail from there is absolutely no information about what's in the health care legislation.
gail --

If we don't pass health reform, millions of Americans will be trapped in a broken status quo, unable to pay their bills or see a doctor when they need one.

More and more employers will drop coverage for employees. And Medicare and Medicaid will blow a hole through our budget.

There's too much at stake not to get this done. That's why OFA supporters have made 849,856 calls to Congress in support of health reform since August.

And that's why today, with the Senate locked in last-minute negotiations, our goal is to hit one million calls.

Can you help? Please call your senators now and help us "ring in reform." Then click here to let us know you called.

According to our records, you live in Arizona. Please call:

Sen. John McCain at 202-224-2235
Sen. Jon Kyl at 202-224-4521
Actually calling McCain and Kyl would make just about the same amount of difference that Obama's efforts are going to make for the American people. What an insipid effort is Obama's health care fiasco. Except for the windfall it offers up for the health care robber barons.

We vote, they profit.


Anonymous said...

You're right that a mandate is handout to the insurance companies. Seeing as Kyl and McCain oppose such a mandate, in my book, this puts them far above Obama when it comes to grading my two public officials.

Thanks, John and Jon!

Mad Kane said...

The bill is a disaster. Obama's really screwed this up big time. And now he's using Bushian scare tactics to shove it down our throats.

Gail said...

So right, it's disaster, or worse if that's possible.

S Brennan said...

Kill Bill