Friday, October 3, 2008

Can we stop talking about Palin now?

The Dems had a brilliant woman running for the Democratic nominee for President (brilliant, but not my first choice, by the way) and not only did the national press respond with ugly sexism so did quite a few theoretical Dems and Progressives.

In the end the Dems choose the pied piper who is male and has sorta black skin.

McCreepy then searches for the most stupid woman he can find because, sexist that he is, he thinks women are just so stupid like him and will automatically switch their votes to McSame and Mc's woman running mate because those who supported Clinton will just naturally switch their votes from an intelligent and somewhat liberal woman to a stupid, cloying and rabidly extreme woman. I'm sure that's how things work in McDumb's world, but his world is shrinking.

I wonder though, if Clinton had been the nominee and if she had chosen some white male as her running mate would McDumbo have searched for the stupidest black man he could find for his running mate? There's one on the Supreme Court isn't there?

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