Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Walk away Democrats."

Walk away Democrats. You just were handed a two-fer: you now can't be blamed for a Wall Street crash nor for handing out taxpayer money to paper over the GOP scam of the last eight years.
Steve Soto's right. Come on Dems, do something right for a change ...

ADDED: from C&L

So let’s get this straight: A general framework was agreed upon before Senator McCain decided to “suspend” his campaign, and now that he’s in Washington to “help,” it appears all those agreements have fallen through. What leadership!

This is all classic Republican political gamesmanship. The bailout is widely unpopular and House Republicans — being the unserious, petty people that they are — are trying to link all the fallout to Bush and the Democrats in order to boost their electoral prospects. We ought to call their bluff and refuse to pass a bill until a solid majority of them are on board. The inevitable market hit will then be laid at their doorstep. Let them take responsibility for tomorrow’s 200 point hit.

We are only talking about bailing the 'market' out for the sake of the rich who caused the problem in the first place. The bailout is for the thieves, the charlatans, the thugs. That's who the Dems who are mindlessly supporting this disaster are aligning themselves with. And the thugs are planning on leaving the Dems holding hands with Bush while they pretend they're agin' it. Where have we seen this scenario play out before?

The following quote is from a post that is not about the US economy (but rather one of our other disasters, Iraq). However it's so vividly expressed that I include it here:
While the world is mesmerized by the bait-and-switch going in Washington -- where the ramshackle, post-Republic triumvirate of Bush, McCain and Obama held an "historic" meeting on Thursday to demonstrate their bipartisan concern for the welfare of the filthy rich ...

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