Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Of course, only the media believed them ...

ADDED II: As always Glenn Greenwald puts the world in perspective: The simultaneous rejection of the bailout and a corrupt ruling class

ADDED: Actually Pelosi made a pretty good speech. She understands the problems (in more than just the economy) but she seldom follows through to ensure good legislation. She usually gives up to the Thugs and helps put through terrible Thug-backed solutions while telling us that's not what she's doing. That's what she was doing this time. And the Thugs sandbagged her, not for the first time. But remember she was helping the Thugs pass what they said they wanted, what they said they had to have to 'save the country,' only they couldn't hold their own members in line this time. And the 'protections' that Pelosi and the Dems said they got were so much hype, just like they were with FISA and everything else.

Nancy Made Them Cry - Or Not

by Steve Soto

House Republicans are already stepping away from their ludicrous claim that Nancy Pelosi's speech cost them the Republican votes needed to pass the bailout yesterday. Several media sources this morning point out that Boehner and Blunt knew hours before the vote that they didn't have the numbers to hold up their end of the deal, but didn't tell Pelosi and Hoyer this.

Maybe we should send them all "Nancy Made Me Cry" bumper stickers.

But they claimed, in public, that Nancy Pelosi made cry babies out of them by giving a political speech. And they claimed that because Pelosi made cry babies out of them with her words they decided not to vote as they had promised to vote [another lie].

We knew it was all a lie but were still presented with the ridiculous story because the press rolled with the story without laughing in their faces, as usual.

We should make sure the shame [not that Thugs have shame, ridiculousness then] of presenting themselves as cry babies because of Pelosi's words should follow them to the grave [or at least a few minutes more].

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