Friday, November 16, 2007

Sign of the times ...

If I weren't so much a part of this world I would probably think 'human kind' was an outlandish, and possibly sick, joke!
Women get 'virginity fix' NHS operations in Muslim-driven trend by JAMES CHAPMAN
Fixing virginity has a past. Such thing as chicken blood have been used to prove virginity on, I assume, countless wedding nights. Physicians used to consider whether to even perform exams that might involve 'breaking' the hymen. I remember girlish gossip about hymen repair required for 'girl' athletes of the 50's. In fact I remember girls being advised not to run and jump too much as they might ... well you know.

But times have changed for most of us, thank whatever gods that be.

The devils, though, are still in evidence. Such as this woman, who thinks those 'others' should get just what they deserve ... like maybe death!
As a British Muslim I find 'virginity repairs' on the NHS dangerous, demeaning ... and utterly indefensible by SAIRA KHAN
I'm all for this operation if it is needed to save someone's life, either literally or figuratively. But the fact that we still live in a world where a woman's body is required to testify to her sexual acceptability is gross, obscene, abhorrent, loathsome.

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