Friday, August 17, 2007

A Fox 'news' kind of person ...

Photo given to by Elias Bermudez of

'Pears Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio takes the above 'photoshopped' image as a threat to him instead of a portrayal of the threat others feel that he represents.
Threats aren't new to the sheriff, with about a dozen received in the past that led to convictions. This stunt is part of a bigger picture against his efforts, Arpaio said.
Though Arpaio doesn't claim to have Mexican friends he does claim compassion (something like Bush's compassionate conservatism, no doubt).
Last week, Arpaio banned visits by illegal immigrants to friends and family in his jail. The sheriff also launched a hotline for tips on illegal immigrants, which received about 1,400 calls so far.

In response to criticism that the hotline uses racial profiling, Arpaio said police must have probable cause to check out a tip.

"We don't go around knocking doors down. We have to have probable cause," Arpaio said. "I'm not a racist. I have compassion for the Mexican people."

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