Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A frustrated pharmacist ...

So why did they cancel her AARP Medicare Prescription Plan retroactively? And why is the cancellation date so fluid?
I am a pharmacist and if anyone ever tells you that market forces are the solution to our health care mess --- please give them a fat lip for me, because it is crap.

I have a customer... we will call her Jane Doe. She used to be on Minnesota Medical Assistance but when our "President" came up with that "wonderful" Medicare Part D pile of bull, this woman's prescription program was shifted to that program. She didn't have a choice about switching to Medicare Part D, but she did have a few choices of carriers within the system.

She decided to use a program sponsored by AARP. Seemed like a good idea....AARP works with seniors all the time. However, AARP does not administer the program. No, they farm that out to a Pharmacy Benefit Manager... in this case it was RX Solutions.

Will we every hear the end of the story?

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