Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The American Corporate Motto for the 21st Century ...

Take the good and turn it into bad.
Read The Dark Side of Soy by Mary Vance and learn how soy, a potentially beneficial part of one's diet, has been turned into a ubuquitous monstrosity invading almost every processed food product.
The highest risk population is infants. "The reason," says Daniel, "is because it's the only thing they're eating, they're a very small size, and they're at a key stage developmentally. The estrogens in soy will affect the hormonal development of these children, and it will certainly affect their growing brains, reproductive systems, and thyroids." Soy formula also contains large amounts of manganese, which has been linked to ADD and neurotoxicity in infants. Such effects prompted an investigation by the Israeli Health Ministry that resulted in an advisory stating that infants should avoid soy formula altogether.

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