Sunday, June 24, 2007

Seems all that bad food is not really statistically significant ...

From the Arizona Daily Star: Food-safety worries grow
Soaring imports stir concerns by Shelley Shelton

For those who've been alarmed by recent scares involving tainted imported products, there's bad news and … moderately comforting news.

The bad news: There's not a lot that U.S. consumers can do to protect themselves from tainted imported foods. In fact, it's hard even to know which foods are imported.

The better news is that considering the vast amounts of food streaming into our country from other places annually, the percentage found to be tainted is quite small.
So you're helpless to protect yourselves from imported foods. But don't worry, be happy! It may not be you that dies from playing Russian roulette with your groceries.

Feel better now ...


steve said...

I'm also worried about the feds cavalier attitude about food ssfety. But my fear is about more that just imported food.

The last big outbreak of e coli was from spinach imported from California. In the case of mad cow disease every European nation and the Japanese have systematic testing for the disease to protect food safety. But the USDA has tried to a prohibit specialty meat packing firm from doing the same thing so they could sell into the Japanese market.

gail said...

I share your concerns. I no longer eat beef because of it. And what about arsenic in the chicken? Lead in fish?

The problem with US food safety isn't new but it does seem to be hitting 'New Orleans' proportions.

The corporate structure that controls the food supply will not fix this. We don't even want the Bush Admin to say they will fix it as we all know what their attention means by now.

After watching the Dem majority I'm not sure our country is fixable.

Sadness is what I feel ...