Monday, August 9, 2010

So much for 'America' ...

And what about the economy’s future? Everything we know about economic growth says that a well-educated population and high-quality infrastructure are crucial. ...
Back to the feudal and serfdom ...

What collapsing empire looks like by Glenn Greenwald
Gauging the Mood of the Country by Carolyn C,
Carolyn C writes:
"Then Greenwald adds, "The real question is whether the American public is too apathetic and trained into submission for that to ever happen."

"Trained into submission" may be correct, but apathetic is a misconception.
Carolyn C documents cases of expressed anger and some of the, in my opinion mostly irrational, responses they have to such overwhelming anger and frustration.

Trained into submission does certainly appear to apply from Carolyn C's examples. Most of these people seem to be channeling their anger at their fellows, their relatives, and those in more precarious straights but not in any effective way against those who caused their situation.

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