Thursday, August 26, 2010

Barack Obama and the very bizarre Alan Simpson ...

Of course the real question is why on earth did the administration pull this cadaverous joker out of his own cushy, federally funded retirement to head up the ill-conceived deficit commission in the first place? The only generous reason I can think of is that someone thought that he would sabotage it, but there's no evidence they want to do that. And in this era of batshit insane politics, counting on some right wing kook to discredit anything is a very risky thing to do --- even they must know that.

So you have to assume that Simpson's fulfilling his designated role. He will make a deal. All he asks is that the geezer parasites, current and future get it out of their heads once and for all that this society should provide some basic security for everyone.
Why did Obama appoint Simpson? Why does he forgive his stupidities and his prejudices?

Because Simpson is doing what Obama wants? Attempting, once again, to destroy Social Security. If you catch their drift they want to shush those who are already on SS up by convincing them that they will be left unscathed in the bloodletting. ---Just believe us. We aren't after you right now so keep quiet and you might be safe til you die, though we don't guarantee we won't help that along later.--- It's the way dictators divide the peons in order to keep different factions from joining forces.

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