Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'm not sure why Krugman thinks the Senate bill is better than nothing ...

I think Krugman is, like many, confused between 'health' insurance and health care. I don't see how the Senate bill will ever get us to health care. If anything it will entrench the insurance industry further in determining who lives and who dies.

Krugman praises Barney Frank for changing his mind and saying, according to TPM that:
... With Assurances, He'll Vote For The Senate Health Care Bill
Assurance? Just who will give those assurances? Obama? The Senate? Reid? Pelosi? Don't make me laugh. It hurts.

Barney Frank then, apparently, says the following:
"A bill being passed [is in Democrats' best interest]--as long as it's being done in a way that's invulnerable to charges that it was jammed through, or the rules were disregarded. That's what I was afraid of was a disregard for the procedural rules: Bending the Byrd rule out of shape, or doing something with Paul Kirk's vote while awaiting certification--those things would be fatal."
Barney Frank seems to be a man afraid of his shadow. He's afraid to use or change procedural rules. He's afraid to do anything the Thugs may criticize him for. Well they are quite willing to criticize him for living. Should he just agree to die for them. He's given up on doing anything else. He sat there in Congress when the Thugs changed procedures when it suited them. Or just threatened to change procedures to get Dem compliance with the results that the Thugs got what they wanted and kept the rules in place should they lose their majority. They seemed to know the elected Dems wouldn't have the will to play hardball.

These are really creepy, craven Dems. Progressives have better ideas but if they are all cowards it will do them absolutely no good. I no longer can tell which Dems who express progressive ideals are cowards and which are closet Repugs. The result is the same ...

Progressives with guts can be counted on one hand.

... and Krugman seems to have lost his way awhile ago.

The following are the blog post I was reading when the above tirade took me over. No logic intended.

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