Thursday, October 8, 2009

I'm not so sure ...

Public Option Opt Out Denies Help to Those Who Need It Most
If we could get Congress to pass and Obama to sign national Medicare 'public option' to begin as soon as possible, not years from now, then the states that opt out
  • may find that their citizens begin to migrate to the other states that have decent care,
  • or may have some of their elected officials' careers rather quickly curtailed by an angry populace
once their citizens start to understand that people in other states have something that they don't have.

Getting legislation for the existing Medicare structure to cover an ever increasing percentage of Americans would be a good thing. Certainly a much better outcome than Obama ever planned to provide for.

Why in the world are we even thinking of re-inventing the wheel on this when Medicare works? Are we, as a country, stupid? You don't need to answer that.

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