Thursday, October 8, 2009

And why would that be? ...

... generally speaking the notion that party defectors should be stripped of their seniority and other perks is often embraced by grassroots activists on both the left and the right. But in recent years it hasn't typically result in any action on the Hill.
Why would the Congress respond to public opinion when they work for wall street and the health insurance industry and the rest of the Corporate Bandits. We only elect them. All they need is enough money and media backing and the right kind of publicity and we will vote for anyone they want.

Why would Congressional Democrats suffer any penalty when working against the people of this country since Congress is a wholly owned subsidiary of the corporate world? After all we only elect them, pay their salaries, provide THEM health care, provide THEM retirement, etc., etc.

They've shown repeatedly that they really get irritated when our opinions are actually brought to their attention. Keep it up. Irritate the hell out of them and then vote for someone else. Some of the Dems in Congress are no better than Republicans. Many are only slightly better than Republicans. A very small percentage actually do a good and honest job of representing their constituents. It's not a pretty picture.

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