Thursday, December 4, 2008

Torture, either you're for it or against it ...

... and it sounds like Feinstein and Wyden are for it.
Why do Feinstein and Wyden sound much different on the torture issue now?

Ultimately, only time will tell whether Democrats were serious about their emphatic commitment to end torture with an unambiguous legal regime. I'll be the first to acknowledge, and celebrate, if they carry through with that. But these early signals are not promising. As anyone who has observed Senate Democrats for any length of time knows, this is exactly how their capitulations and backtracking always begin.
Are Feinstein and Wyden suggesting there can be such a thing as just a little torture?

Really, there is no in between. If you accept torture at all you are supporting it. That's unacceptable. Is the lack of basic humanity a requirement for Democratic politicians as well as Republican ones?

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