Friday, December 26, 2008

There must be something in there ...

The quoted passage below is a comment to a post Four Letters You Won't Find in the George W. Bush Library in Vanity Fair (via C&L ):
We Canadians would never elect a President such as the one that you will see as the outgoing in the future down the road. We certainly would not throw good money after bad by providing an advance payment on royalties such as those seen (obscene?) for pasturized Presidents and such down there south of the 49th. Parallel that is. Not State as such. And therefore ending on a note such as warranted by the foregoing should leave you all to wonder how it happened. And PLEASE take steps in the future to repair to the club and discuss how it may not again come to pass. Except in fiction and Aaron Sorkin dreams. Thus ending with a note to forewarn against such ramblings as those from countries who do not elect Presidents, except for our private clubs where fine refreshments are served chilled or room temperature such as desired. Hereby I close. --Posted 12/24/2008 by mycanada
Pasturized Bush? Well, why not. Put Bush out to pasture on a pasturage containing meadows of thorn bushes somewhere out of sight and far away from the US. Then all his brave enablers in the media, the Congress and the Corporate Robber Baron worlds can join him there. And just think, such a group will be so very bi-partisan as it will be comprised of Republicans, Democrats, Independents and other assorted crooks, thieves and murderers.

Today's QUOTES:

That we cannot wait to be saved. We have to all do our part to make our place "Home"
--Boyd 2008 - My Overall Conclusions by Robert Paterson, Robert Paterson's Weblog

... most of what the administration did was, with some notable exceptions, either actively cheered on or implicitly justified via this type of obsequious apologetics by our elite institutions: Congress, the media, academia, etc. As demonstrated by the collective attempt now to prettify the "pure-at-heart" torture regime and thus relieve these elites of responsibility for it, none of these apologist efforts has abated in the slightest.
--Torture ambivalence masquerading as moral and intellectual superiority by Glenn Greenwald,

... But should it in fact come pass that in 2010 Obama allows US bases to operate in Iraq from an un-ratified SOFA treaty (I find this scenario hard to believe, frankly) the United States will not have changed from Bush, it’s that simple. Nor will it.
--Will There Be Any Fight? by paradox, The Left Coaster

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