Thursday, November 4, 2010

Medicare Part D ... not that the T-bags will leave even this much for us in the future!

Decided I needed a new prescription plan. AARP's plan not only has continued to increase in price by leaps and bounds but they play games with liquid medications (such as eye drops) so that one pays for a full months prescription for what only lasts 25 days. Little things like that make them so endearing. I'm sure the T-bags just luv them. It's so free market.

... after all we're here for the rich to get richer off our labor ... no one even pretends anymore that society is a construct for mutual support, mutual survival and well being ...

Back to Medicare Part D and looking for a new Prescription Drug Plan. I visited the web site. Cumbersome but full of information.

Picked two plans to ask for information to be sent to me in the mail. First one was Humana Walmart-Preferred Rx Plan. Called a few days ago and asked for info over the phone but didn't give them my name. Today I called and asked them to send me information and they took name and address and said they would sent me info.

Humana was so straight forward (contact wise, not necessarily Drug Plan-wise) that I was lured into complacency.

Second call brought me up short. I called Advantage Star Plan by RxAmerica (1-800-429-6686). A 'sweet & kindly' male voice answers the phone and tells me I've made the right choice to call. I ignore being treated like a demented rabbit and ask that they send me information about their plan. He continues to speak softly to me and assures me that they would gladly send me the information and that he will just ask me a few questions. I say that I don't want any questions, just the information mailed to me. More soft talk about asking a few questions first. I say all you need is my name and address to send me information about your plan in the mail, isn't that right? He's says (sadly, I swear) "No, ma'm." I say I'm not interested in dealing with you people in that case. I assume he cried when I hung up.

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