Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Closer to the Fall-of-Rome comparison that we'd like to think ...

digby writes:
By the way, in case you haven't heard, the congress passed yet another "emergency" war supplemental last night. After listening to a bunch of tripe for weeks about having to offset costs to extend unemployment benefits, and watching teachers all over the country be fired for lack of funds, that vote may be the single most illustrative move we've seen yet to illustrate that the fall of Rome comparisons are not as far fetched as we like to think.
We've been close for some time now and were seemingly offered a chance to 'change' our destructive ways by an apparently intelligent young politician who has turned out to be (surprise?) just another political hack who does what his financial/industrial/military controllers want him to do.

He calls himself a new kind of Democrat as he pursues the same course we've been following for 30+ years. That's the kind of 'new' that only exists in marketing campaigns.

And he worries about his legacy!

My God, we're a nation of fluff.

What happened to substance? Should substance exist still in any hidden cranny of our political world the press will be sure to stamp it out by ridiculing the good, praising the corrupt and channeling innuendo and lies.

What we've got is a new kind of improved marketing campaign kind of president. Welcome to America!

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