Friday, April 9, 2010

Now that's a real surprise ...

Democratic Party Image at All-Time Low; 54% Now Rate Party “Unfavorable”
The biggest thanks should go to Barack Obama. He's taken lying to a Republican high for Dems.

But don't forget co-president Rahm-boy who appears to relish the most dastardly actions.

Next, we should thank Senator Reid.

And of course, Nancy Pelosi did her part.

And finally, the US Congress. Specially mention goes to the Senate. So proud. So arrogant. So corrupt. So incompetent.

The House? Well they almost did something to be proud of. But in the end they showed themselves lacking in guts.

No doubt all these actors got sufficient perks to make them forget about oaths of office, responsibility to country, integrity. Subservience to corporate will is all they need to feed their egos. Enjoy.

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