Friday, March 5, 2010

Is Obama going to 'scamper' again? ...

For years, Democrats have failed to grasp the fact that they are perceived as "weak" not because of any specific policies, but because they are perceived -- rightly -- to believe in nothing (or at least nothing that they claim to believe). It is hard to imagine any act that could more strongly bolster that perception than to watch Barack Obama -- yet again -- scamper away from his own claimed principles all because the GOP is saying some mean things about him.
Scamper may provide the best imagery so far for what Obama does so well.

Scamper away little mouse, and all your little mousy friends in your administration and in Congress; scamper away into safe little holes but get out of our government and out of our lives. Then maybe we can find some people of courage to help rid us of the reThugs.

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