Saturday, November 7, 2009

Who's the cart and who's the horse? ...

Froomkin writes in Want Obama To Be Bolder? Take To The Streets!

Almost forgotten these days is the fact that in Obama's first address to Congress. In February, the new president served up a pretty darn bold agenda, backed up by a respectably progressive budget proposal. So what was the reaction? Obama looked over his shoulder and saw -- no one.

The talking heads on TV and in the newspapers tut-tutted about what a big gamble he was taking. And without any palpable expression of public support to worry about, the moneyed interests and their congressional lackeys in both parties went about nibbling everything to death.

If Obama didn't understand the current media climate then he is not all that astute, is he? The media supported him for President because he wasn't Bush and he wasn't McCain.

For Heaven's Sake, when people demonstrate in support of progressive programs they are ignored by the media. The other side is organized by the media. Doesn't Obama (or even Froomkin, on this subject) have any understanding of what's going on in this country.

When Obama starts by betraying one group of supporters after another, then he's not very concerned about his supporters' issues is he?

When Obama takes as his advisor and department heads the very people who caused the messes, then he isn't all that concerned about the problems other than in terms of cover ups, is he?

When Obama's words support one thing but his actions support the opposite, it's a little difficult to trust the man, isn't it?

When Obama is more concerned about his political enemies than his supporters, it's very difficult to have any sympathy for him, at least it is for me.

To me it looks like Obama set out from the very beginning to keep his supporters quiet, not work on their issues.

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